WCX New M5– New M5 Tunnel Entry and Exit points (Kingsgrove Civil Site)

About This Project

Project Decsription: The WestConnex New M5 Project involves the upgrade of roads surrounding the already established M5 Motorway, as well as the construction of new twin-tunnels from Kingsgrove to St Peters. ZWC has been involved in a number of sites and scope of works across the project since 2016 and since its commencement has been heavily involved with the Kingsgrove Civil Site.
Scope Of Work: The scope of work at Kingsgrove Civil has included the FRP (form, reo, pour) of concrete elements making up the Westbound and Eastbound Cut-and-cover and Trough structures, that make up the future entry and exit points into the New M5 Tunnel.

Principal CLient: CPB Dragados Samsung JV

Project Completion Date: 2020

Project Location: Kingsgrove, NSW